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Jordan Aerial Photography

Highlight your property
aerial images and videos!

Residential Photos

I can provide you with a wide variety of aerial photos to see every angle of the property. I can also provide interior photos if needed for putting the house on the market to sell.

Commercial Property

Aerial photos can highlight your commercial property to show to prospective clients. I can show not only the building but the entire area including other storefronts and roads.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Do you need some aerial video footage for a project? Do you want to follow the progress of a construction project? Contact me today for a custom solution for your aerial photo needs.

Darrell Jordan

About the company

I started Jordan Aerial Photography to expand upon my love of photography and technology and to take both to the next level. I offer aerial photos and videos that help highlight your property in a different way. I can also offer photos and videos for just about any project. Contact me today to see what I can do for you!

highlight your property today!contact me today!

If you need more information or if you are ready to highlight your property or project today, fill out the form and I will call you back and we can set up a time to get high quality aerial images of your property or project.


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